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  1. “Councillors Fear For Their Jobs” screams one headline while another proclaims that, “Group aims to change City Hall”. The present councillors may well fear for their jobs what with the Commonwealth games and its waste of millions of dollars and its continued cloak of secrecy, their total inability to enact a domestic animal control law, The heavy handed, costly and seeming useless Chebucto Rd widening, and the ever increasing number of hours they spend behind closed doors despite a Supreme Court ruling condemning this practice. But, unless the voters are totally out of touch with reality, these are the reason they should fear for their positions not the new political machine headed by the likes of Fred MacGillivary, Don Mills and Robert Zed to mention a few. Many of the same faces that lead us down the yellow brick road to the Commonwealth games at hundreds of dollars a brick.
    Consider what a civic government including these people or controlled by these people would do. Look at their track records. Secrecy, un-tendered buying allegations, millions wasted chasing rainbows with no pot of gold at the end only debt and costs.Imagine what it will be like with them or their stooges controlling the purse strings. We will be totally run by a new motto, “If it puts money in our tills then its good”.
    Change is needed but not towards this group. When you vote pick somebody who represents what you stand for, somebody who won’t be intimidated by this group, somebody you know.
    As a closing thought, what is Fred MacGillivray doing involved in this? He’s a civil servant paid by the province and the city. Doesn’t this place him in a conflict of interest?
    If he doesn’t like the way things are being done, let him quit and run for office.

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