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Civic Participation

In the last municipal election, about 125,000 people participated by casting their vote. That represents 33% of our total population in Halifax. What does the other 67% of our population think?


Should our municipal government be concerned about voter participation rates in the next municipal election?


Tell us what you think!


“What is the Mayor’s problem with ‘Business Groups’ and by extension with business?” Asks Valerie Payn

A response from the President of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce on the Mayors concern about business groups.


Until our offical site is ready we will be using this blog as a reference site for CFH. We have added a Resources page which contains the PowerPoint from our first meeting, and a membership form.

From what I hear, membership is growing by the hour…


Well, not a bad start to the Society! We had over 100 citizens meet this morning, all of whom were interested in making Halifax a better city to live in.

I think that we raised a few eyebrows, stirred up a few questions and garnered a lot of support.

 One of the key questions heard is “What does liveable mean?” Good question, I am sure we all have a different view on what livable means. And is a question that deserves to be answered.

 I was sent this resource which is a view of the most liveable city in America. Perhaps it can help us understand what the term “livable” really means…