Until our offical site is ready we will be using this blog as a reference site for CFH. We have added a Resources page which contains the PowerPoint from our first meeting, and a membership form.

From what I hear, membership is growing by the hour…


One response to “Resources

  1. There is atremendous build up desire for change that is evident in the initial response to our Citizens for Halifax initiative. I have even had a number of contacts from councillors wanting to learn more. Nearly everyone who hears about Citizens for Halifax not only subscribes to its goals and prinicples, but actually wants to get actively involved in working for this cause. At the launch on our membership campaign a week ago, we expected about forty people to attend and ended up with more than 150 citizens willing to get involved. This is a tip of the iceberg. Our initial goal before our official launch is 1,000 members. Will you join our cause to build the most liveable and vibrant city in Canada? Help us increase civic engagement and improve civic leadership. Help us build the new City of Halifax.

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